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Moesha Boduong Stands By Claim That Men Are ‘Born Cheats’

Moesha Boduong has replied critics who are slamming her for advising her female counterparts to turn a blind eye to their partners’ cheating habits.

The actress and socialite defended her statement which many have described as very irresponsible and a clear permission for men to cheat on their female counterparts.
“People are saying I’m promoting cheating amongst guys. No, I am not, but you [ladies] should stop been hypocrites by saying I should advise men to stop cheating. Lol.. Like they will [listen]. My sisters, they will not stop; so if you will leave your boyfriend or husband because of that, please remember the next boyfriend and husband will cheat and you the woman will marry and date again and again,” she said in her Instagram post.
She discouraged women from hasting to jilt their partners over cheating, warning that, if a woman keeps jilting and dating again and again, they are the ones society deem as changing men hence the “cheats”.
“…Before you date or marry, be positive and don’t listen to any rumours or lies about your partner, unless his actions and attitude at home changes towards you. Then maybe he is not more in love with you. That is when you can leave. But if he is still nice and is always there for you, please stay,” she advised.

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