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Step Down As GHAMRO Chairman And Save Your Image – Kojo Advised

Music legend Kojo Antwi has been advised to gently step down as Chairman of Ghana Music Rights Organisation, GHAMRO following the recent insults from members of the group.

Radio Presenter Nana Romeo who cares about the music maestro’s reputation speaking to Zionfelix.net said the recent complain about GHAMRO’s mismanagement by its members does not speak well of the musician’s high-earned reputation. The Accra FM presenter believes the musician has worked hard these past years to gain respect from several people across the globe hence should not allow certain people to use offensive words on him due to his leadership at GHAMRO.
He pleaded with Kojo Antwi to do the honour of stepping down as Chairman of the organisation to save his image.

“I remember very well that Kojo Antwi released his first album in the 1980s and since then, he has been respected by many people in Africa, Europe, America and other parts of the world. You will hardly hear anything bad about the musician which will give you room to insult him.
You will only hear about Kojo Antwi when he is about to release an album or a song so it is very difficult for people to talk to him anyhow.
Not long ago, we heard that he has joined GHAMRO and truth be told, things were going on well when he started but things are not going on well as the members expected. This has given room for young guys Kojo Antwi can call his grandsons and daughters to talk to him anyhow, something I think does not augur well.
People are just tarnishing the image Kojo Antwi has built over the years. My humble appeal to Kojo Antwi is to step down as GHAMRO chairman for someone to takeover. He should protect the living legend status he has gained for these past years. We can’t sit to look at some people insult him just like that because of GHAMRO affairs.
He’s lived a better life these past years to gain many assets he wants for his life and children so what kind of money is at GHAMRO that will make him allow some people to just insult him” Nana Romeo told Zionfelix.net during a phone conversation.

Kojo Antwi has come under sever attack in recent times for not handling the affairs of the organisation as he promised two years ago when vying for the position.

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