Onga To Put Ghana In The Guinness World Record Book

Onga, the brand of delicious seasoning powders and tablets, is proudly produced in Ghana by Promasidor (Ghana) Ltd., a leading food manufacturing company in the country.

Since its emergence into the Ghanaian market, the brand keeps blazing the trail by providing individual patrons with novel brand experiences in all of its marketing activities.
Spanning more than a decade in the market, Onga keeps welcoming Ghanaians home to a wining table of tasty delicious meals made from flavour-filled blend of herbs and spices.
As a market leader in the culinary space, Onga is once again setting the pace by attempting to break the Guinness World Record (GWR) for the “Longest Table”. The attempt, when achieved, will not only position Onga as the record holder but also put Ghana in the Guinness Book of Records as the country holding the world’s record of the longest feast table. Currently Afia International in Saudi Arabia is holding the record of 1508 meters.
On the 25th of March 2017, over 3,000 Ghanaians will join the Onga winning table at the Independence Square to celebrate over 10 years of providing quality and tasty meals in different homes across the country. Participants will not only be part of the history-making event but also be treated to rich traditional entertainment with free food and drinks for all.
The longest feast table will also showcase the rich Ghanaian food culture to the outside world through the exhibition of staple food from the 10 regions of Ghana spiced with the Onga seasoning.
Aside breaking the world’s record, the event also offers another opportunity for the brand to give back to the society, as hundreds of children from different orphanages will be fed and given freebies.
The Onga brand was launched in Ghana in the year 2004 with an introduction of 5 distinct powdered flavors namely Onga Stew, Onga Shrimp, Onga Chicken, Onga Classic and Onga 3-mix. In 2011, Onga again introduced a new product, the Onga Tablet that revolutionized the culinary space.
After giving keen competition to competitors since its introduction, Onga took up the market leadership position, becoming the favorite seasoning for Ghanaians nationwide.
Onga is produced in Ghana and thousand job opportunities have been provided by the brand in its factory and through the different value and supply chains of the product across the country.
The brand has also rolled out countless Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities as a way of reassuring the Ghanaian communities of its commitment to support development. It is also noted for celebrating rich Ghanaian culture through the support and celebration of festivals like Homowo, Asafotufiam, Afahye and many more.
Onga … Join The Winning Table!!!!!
Onga… Mama’s Helping Hand.
Onga… ileleyi

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