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I Went Blind – Prophet Seth Frimpong

Gospel musician Prophet Seth Frimpong who has been battling diabetes for the past two years has revealed that he went blind months back.

The former dancer in a recent interview with Aperbi disclosed that he never mentioned it to close relatives when he became visually impaired. According to him, he could not see for three days but that did not stop him from believing in God.
On how he was able to prevent people around him from noticing his blindness, the ‘Okumchola’ hitmaker said he showed his kids where to get money from on the first day the incident happened so the children depended on the cash during the period. The crooner added that he managed to wash down when everybody was away from the house just because he did not want anyone to see that he was blind.

“Maybe you have not heard but I went blind. I was in my room and wanted to visit the washroom but all of a sudden I couldn’t see anything. It happened for three days but I didn’t tell anybody in this house. I promised myself never to let anyone know about it because I believed I would see again.
When the kids came around for money, luckily for me I had left enough money in the trousers I wore the previous day so I asked them to take it and that is what they used for the whole three days. I always sent the kids in the house anytime I wanted to use the washroom so by the time they will return, I would be done with everything I wanted to do. I didn’t want anyone to see me in that way. I was just praying on the third day and I realised my sight was back” Prophet Seth Frimpong told the host.

Prophet Seth Frimpong is out with the remix version of his ‘Adansidie’ song and it features Bro. Sammy and actress Emelia Brobbey.
Listen to it below:

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