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Going On Demo Against Kumkum Bagya Your Own Cup Of Tea – Kumkum Bagya Host To Kumawood Moviemakers

Tima KumKum on Celebrity Ride With Zionfelix show

Kumkum Bagya host, Tima Yeboah has taken a swipe at Kumawood filmmakers who recently staged a demonstration against the influx of twinovelas on Ghanaian television screens.

The 30-year -old mother of two on Celebrity Ride With Zionfelix show reacting to the constant talk against the popular telenovela, KumKum Bagya said she cannot fathom why people would have an issue with the movie when it has a good storyline and most Ghanaians enjoy watching it. She added that they will continue to show the film on their channel until the Indians stop shooting the KumKum Bagya series because they cannot halt it when the story has not ended.
Cynthia Tima Yeboah as she is known privately commenting the demonstration which happened in Kumasi by some moviemakers stated that she was not perturbed when she heard about their plan to protest against it. Tima Kumkum further noted that “they have woken up and want to stage a demo against our show so if they feel the demonstration is what will help them, I have no problem with it.”
She added that she was watching them from afar because anything she said would bring problem for her. Tima Yeboah further questioned Zionfelix, host of the show the kind of business Kumkum Bagya is collapsing as the producers claim after naming some good movies coming from the Kumawood movie industry.
On Thursday, 14th September 2017, some movie makers in Kumasi embarked on a demonstration against the proliferation of telenovelas in Ghana.
They ended their demonstration with a petition to the Asantehene Otomfuo Osei Tutu II.
They were concerned about the fact that the telenovelas are dubbed in the Twi language. According to them, a foreigner ‘speaking’ Twi has the propensity to corrupt the Ghanaian culture.
Watch Tima Kumkum on Celebrity Ride With Zionfelix show below:

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