Pity Sexy, A Book About The Agony And The Sweet-bitter-sweet Love Of Street Children To Be Launched

We are living in an era where there are hosts of street children and orphans doing what in God’s name to survive. But their beginning or how they ended up being on the streets, nobody cares to know.

Rather they are maltreated, brainwashed, beaten and raped at the mercy of the normal human being who believes for these kids to be fed, they need to go through the mill.
What is their destiny like? Who do they lay their blames on? Who becomes their voice? The pain of rejection, depression, and suicide have become their companion but who will help?
All of this has been put together in a true life story coming out as a book titled pity sexy. Pity sexy talks about the agony, the sweet-bitter-sweet love and the aftermath of the life of a once upon a time street child.
Its compilation based on a true life story will take the reader through the adventures, the wetly tears, the stab in the back, humiliations, and rejections as well as the experience of all the emotions as if it were happening right before the eyes.
The ghastly expressions of oh, how and why wouldn’t just take the reader through the anguish of the story as each chapter evolves but also whet the appetite of the reader to await its next episodes.
Well, brace yourselves for this yet to be released book as by the end of it being read, the weird perception of street children will totally be rubbed off. Remember; its pity sexy.

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