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Mzbel Who Doesn't Believe In Jesus Christ Schools Christians How To Treat Non-Christians


Not all humans believe in Christianity and singer Nana Akua Amoah aka Mzbel is one of the few celebrities in the country who have made their position about Christianity known.

It is no more news that the mother of one does not believe in Jesus Christ and has stopped worshipping in churches because she’s no more a Christian. Following her recent comments on Christianity, the musician who is currently promoting her new single, Tongues has received backlash from the public especially Christians because they believe she is denigrating their religion.
She was verbally attacked when she mentioned during a recent interview that tongues praying is silly. Mzbel who has been in the music business for 14 years has a free advice for Christians who keep attacking unbelievers. Speaking on Class FM in Accra, the outspoken songstress counseled them to stop attacking people who share divergent thoughts about their religion because their leader, Jesus Christ did not teach them to insult others who do not share same belief with them.
Mzbel asked Christians to school non-Christians with quotations from the bible to prove them wrong so that they can win them to be part of their religion instead of always using abusive words on such people.
The controversial musician, however, continued that Christians speak against several other religions on earth and they find their action cool but they do not have a big heart to contain criticisms of others which she finds it worrying.
She later pleaded with followers of Christ to take matters cool when another person points out the wrongs in their religion since they mostly do same to others.

I agree with @mzbeldaily 97% Some Christians will attack you when you disagree with them on certain issues relating to their religion instead of sitting you down to explain things and win you to be part of them. When they speak against other religions they expect the other people to take it cool but as soon as theirs is talked against, then agye konkon agye kum, world war 9 will happen. I’m a Christian but certainly not this kinda Christian. We should tolerate divergent opinions and if we think their assertion is wrong, we prove them wrong with the Bible and win them to be part of us but not insulting them with the excuse that they first insulted our religion. Where in the Bible did our Leaser insult others for speaking against Christianity? Maybe I’ve not finished conquering the whole Book so I’ve not come across it. Good morning world

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