There are different kinds of ships, but the most useful and yet difficult to keep is relation-SHIP. When well kept you can access any other ship.
“Relationships are difficult to maintain” a lot of people will say. But we say that you are probably difficult to live with, have you ever thought about it that way? I guess not. Often times when things don’t go right we are quick to blame the other party privy to the circumstance.
A lot more times we are quick to walk out even before we could think it is possible, to find a way to solve the issue at hand. Most people will rather walk out with their sanity, than to stress their brain to figure out what in the heavens is raining doom and darkness on their relationships.
Relationship of any kind could suffer the same level of stress if parties to it do not hold their part of their contract. It is just like a contract, it cannot function without a third party if one person decides to rally out or act contrary to its terms.
A romantic relationship will need just as much work for it to function as a relationship with parent and child or boss and employee. But let’s focus on the focus which is why your romantic life is suffocating.
It lacks oxygen the very essence of life, quite expensive where I come from. I will tell you about my ambulance and oxygen ordeal in my next post. Your relationship is pale because its low on blood which is very tricky even to buy from the blood bank.
Ha so question is just how do we keep the fire lit even when the wood seems to be burning out. And there definitely isn’t any tree nearby we can chop to revamp the fire? A lot of factors could be the reason the sparks are going off.
And you don’t seem to feel the butterflies moving in your tummy. Again it is the reason you have the face of someone who just witnessed puke having a child with Sulphur, irky I know- immediately you see your partner or most especially when they do something wrong. All hope is not lost, there is good news in the following pointers but you will have to work on it ! It’s not magic it requires work so let’s do these; you will like them because it’s simple, my favorite is pointer number 9, well maybe it’s because I like everything murder, no wonder I’m gonna be your popular criminal attorney … lol … ready? Let’s do this
1.Stay in touch…They say distance makes the heart fonder. Very true that is. In this era of fast food, fast calls, fast sky rocket everything, it is important to stay in touch with your loved ones especially if it’s a distance relationship. No one can hear enough of how much they are needed, or wanted, or loved. It actually creates an inner confidence that no one can break. It builds closeness and trust. So stay in touch, use the mediums available, send them messages, visit them randomly, send someone to them on your behalf- where you can’t go. Create the environment where you are with them all the time even when you aren’t physically. Staying in touch means being up to date on the happenings of their lives, ask, ask, ask, do not make assumptions- they didn’t tell you because… or they will tell you when… some people just want to hear you ask how their day was even when you work together as a couple. It creates a better bond and confidence in what you two share.
2. Appreciate each-other…Appreciation is the wheel that carries more random acts of kindness. Appreciate the little things your partner does, from buying you lunch to taking out the trash, from helping with the kids to opening the door for you. From breast feeding the babies to giving you satisfaction in bed. It tells that, showing appreciation goes a long way to solidify any type of relationship
3. Talk to each other…. there is this thing called communication and it’s not a cliché but it can unmake your relationship when it is absent. So talk to each other, about how you feel. how you want to be treated. Speak up for yourself or leave room for someone to dec for you. not speaking up will lead to the other person assuming you are fine with everything and ready to move where the wind blows. not talking about issues will lead the other to assume answers on their own n it can be very detrimental . don’t say as for me I’m an introvert. And I do not like talking, no one was born with a megaphone in their hand.
4. Be honest…. honesty is very vital to the growth of every relationship. if you feel misunderstood, be honest about how you feel and if your honesty makes your partner uncomfortable, then it’s about time you think about the future of that relationship, never sweep issues under the carpet because it makes the other person uncomfortable. It will come up later to bite you where you least expect. I is just unhealthy.
5. be generous… do away with the attitude of, me, my, mine and make it we, our, ours. Be generous because making people feel a part of you create a tighter bond. Generousity even with your compliments it’s a kind gesture and kindness is beautiful. Tell them how beautiful they look. Acknowledge the new hair ut and beard trim especially when the lordi stheir barber. And they shave themselves, rub your hands on that smooth stuff and say mmhhhmm this man is hot…lol… and hey those stretch marks aren’t there because they commited a crime, so admire it and build confidence, trust and an intensity of love.
6. exchange gifts…. Learn your partners love language, your childs love language and do according to that. For some just randomly buying them an inexpensive gift makes them feel o top of the world and would go any length to make you happy too. When your partner’s love tank is full, they have nothing but love to give. The opposite is true fir when their tank is empty or half full.
7. have time out 。。。Spend time with yourself, as much as you spend with your loved one. Enjoy your company both alone and with each other. If you cannot stand yourself, then don’t subject anyone to that. Take the relationship out of its comfort zone, be it the house, the office, the bedroom, the kitchen, take it out to the sparks, restaurants, parties. If no one is throwing a party, throw one and invite friends, it doesn’t need to be expensive. Drinks alone makes the heart merry. It will give you enough time to talk about stuff. You can also have a double date with another couple or another family. Create an experience out of the usual environment.
8. kill the network…sometimes it’s good to press the airplane button to create some quality time with each other… phones oh my God can rain hell fire on a house and it will burn our every relationship no matter how big or small. Goes back to spending time with each other. Have network Sabbath day or social media Sabbath day. A day where the whole family log out of everything media and bond with each other. A day that both of you zone out the noise and spend that time with each other, light the candle, order that meal, cook together, learn anew baking trick, get it wrong and get it right. It will be a memory unforgettable and when you are away, it will be great to hold on to
9. keep third parties out …. If I’m in a relationship with you then I expect you to deal with you when you have an issue with us. I expect to be the first point of call when a challenge springs up. A lot more people are very territorial when it comes to their relationship and the people they love. The men will know. I’m not a man but exactly that so I tend to keep a close knit. It is not everything that the eye will see that the mouth must participate. Im saying it is not everything that happens that some one else needs to hear about. When you sell your partner or family short, remember you have sold yourself short as long as you are with them or have been with them. So keep friends and family out and strive to solve your issue yourselves, it will make you stronger and your relationship richer
10.express your love on a daily basis…. We all know especially Christians that God loves us but wouldn’t you just love it, if GOD had a mega phone through which he announces it every morning that He love you? OR best when you feel alone and then suddenly the sweet sound from the mega phone sounds loudly with the voice of God proclaiming His love for you.
WHEW! I bet you will jump right into that difficult moment and dance away every negativity. As everyone will like that so will your spouse or your child, parents – most especially feels taken for granted because children assume it is their responsibility to love them but hey remember that somewhere outside of your world, someone is struggling have their partners, children or parents give them the kind attention you get from yours.
That is a blessing right there So tell them how much you love, want and need them, it doesn’t make you a softie as some people thinks, it rather tells how strong you are. It takes the brave to own up to their emotions and express them.
It is not manly to keep your word and assume they will figure it out. Being with the person alone is not an assurance of love. They need to hear you say it. Makes their day enjoyable ad the struggles endurable.
I hope these tips help build up the fire in your relationship. It works for any kind of relationship. But like I mentioned before it is not going to happen magically.
I like to go through the process with you as you have taken the chance to read to this point, it is a sure sign you are willing to revamp so let’s do it together.
A day at a time, if you have been hurt I pray for healing for you to find forgiveness in your beautiful heart. You are worthy of love so open up your heart and let it flow right in.
I will love to hear from you if these helps in anyway. If you have any questions as well kindly leave it in the comment box below.
My Name is Maame Adjoa, you can also call me Maona. Author for gqwaves.com and Momentswithmaona.org

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