Hon Hadji Mustphar
The local heavy Weight economic guru of our time has finally conceived defeat. Today Dr Alhaji mahamudu Bawumia is a local rice brand Ambassador, he no longer gives economic lectures but has found comfort now in local rice lectures.
Ghana my beloved country under your competence Dr Alhaji mahamudu Bawumia is heading towards economic and financial melt down.
We have never experienced such wap logic from a black/white board economist
since independence.
Today under your able and competent leadership the dollar you arrested has either broken jail or is on bail.
The dollar has swallowed the Cedis and on the international financial market the cedis is becoming a toilet paper if not already.( Excuse my choice of word)
I am proud to be a Ghanaian but am disappointed in your economic team which is made up of old men with old arcake and Gordon Gussisberg methodologies.
Today Ghanaian need your lectures than ever before but instead you have decided to rather be a brand ambassador for our local Northern rice which has nothing to do with your office or lectures.
You have misplaced your core duties as the vice president of this great nation when u talk about digironics or digitisation I laugh what is the purpose of creating a ministry for it.
The Agric minister must be seen to be championing this noble course for the local rice not you our economist competent Veep.
Am worried because it seems like you have no clue of the current happenings to the economy of this country so you now don’t even want to talk about the Dollar or the economy again mean while you are head of this country’s Economic management team
All you do is introduce what previously you were naming as nuisance taxes with even new taxes such as; on momo, communication taxes, talk tax, bank allowance taxes, fuel taxes, import and export taxes, increase on vat and what is it am hearing that from next year taxes will be impose on dresses given to bankers.
I will not be suprise if Ghanaians wake up one morning and u have introduce tax on the air we breath
The Ghanaians you begged and lied to from 2012 to 2016 are not the same Ghanaians you can lie to in 2020 because they now know who deserve the tag *INCOMPETENCE*
Ghana Let wake up for Dr Mahmud Bawumia and NANA Addo Dankwa the president have nothing good for this country
The grammer is too much we need development not big grammer
If we mistakenly vote for them again we will lose the entire future for our generation
I love my country and I will stand for the truth at all times
Arise Arise Arise Ghana youth for our country, the nation demands your devotion because we are all involve.
I am a citizen not a spectator
*( proud member of national ZONGO caucus working* *committee )*

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