NPP 'reveals' famous Intermediary 5 involved in Airbus scandal

The NPP claims one Samuel Adams Mahama is the true face behind the “Intermediary 5” in the famous Airbus scandal.
According to the party, Samuel Mahama is the long lost brother of former president Mahama who played “go-between” services between Airbus and “Government Official 1”.
Airbus, apart from admitting to paying huge bribes in order to secure contracts in a number of countries including Ghana, also confessed to engaging an intermediary who happened to be a close relative of a high-ranking elected Ghanaian government official (Government Official 1).
This same Intermediary 5 was also alleged to have played a vital role with respect to business transactions, particularly sales between “Government Official 1” and Airbus.
But the NPP at a press conference held at their headquarters Monday stated emphatically that the “Intermediary 5” is no other than Samuel Mahama, a Ghanaian born UK national who also doubles as a relative of the former president.
NPP’s Director of Communications, Yaw Buabeng Asamoah, who spoke on behalf of the party concluded that Samuel is no different from the one Mahama spoke about in his autobiography titled “My First Coup D’etat”.
“His book my first coup d’etat says that his long lost brother is Samuel Adams Mahama. The narrative coincides exactly with the identification in the court document. Because in the book we are told that Samuel was taken to the UK at the age of nine and hidden from his parents before he reunited with his family In the 90’s. The book identifies the long lost sibling as Samuel Adams Mahama. The court documents say intermediary 5 who was doing the negotiations directly is a Ghanaian born UK national who immigrated into UK at a very early age. Those accounts are good enough to conclude that the intermediary 1 is Samuel Adams Mahama,” he established.


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