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Details of how a Presidential hopeful stole money in US to fund his campaign in Ghana

A United States(US) court has given some details of how a Ghanaian-American surgeon based in Florida, Dr Moses deGraft-Johnson, splashed some of the over $26 million dollars he got illegally from the United States government and medical insurers.
In a 58-count indictment by a federal court, Dr deGraft-Johnson is alleged to have falsified records in order to receive money from medical insurers such as Medicare and Medicaid for surgeries and medical procedures that he did not perform.
He then used the proceeds to fund a lavish lifestyle both in the United States and his native country, Ghana with the ultimate aim of becoming Ghana’s President in the future.
To this end, he wired some $ 1.8 to associates and entities in Ghana, predictably to establish and project himself in the country.
Dr deGraft-Johnson also acquired top of the range cars: two Mercedes, and the latest models of Ferraris and a Lamborghinis.
Prosecutors then again provided detail of extravagant spending on extremely ostentatious jewellery with cut-throat prices such as Tiffany and Cartier jewellery.
A wealthy deGraft-Johnson owned five sprawling residences in five different cities in the United States of America, spending time in each residence as and when he wished.
Dr deGraft-Johnson toured the world, frequent visits to London and other cities.
The alleged owner of Burger company in Ghana, Cabo Corso, alleged pushed money into the burger business managed by his wife.
Investigators also found bundles of cash both in his hospital and in some of his residences even as investigations continue.
The US government says that there is evidence that Dr deGraft-Johnson was “hard at work using the proceeds of fraud in the United States to establish an empire in a foreign country.”
But attorney William Bubsey who represented Dr deGraft-Johnson argued that the surgeon is a kindhearted individual who was extremely helpful to others, insisting that the money wired home must have been meant to help impoverished Ghanaians.
Meanwhile, Dr deGraft-Johnson will remain in custody until 23rd when his case will be heard again.

Source: mynewsgh.com
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