Hon Hadji mustapahar
Celebration of *mediocrity or Cantata ?
Government with populace approach! Very useless. Why must u keep the ambulances whiles people in need die
just because u want to commission them
What is the gorvenment commissioning or celebrating?
What have we achieve? After the death of all the people who needed the ambulance for their lives to be saved
OR is it the case of we need blood for sacrifices before the election?
(VIP) vampires in power
The Health minister and his government misplaced priorities at the health sector as Ghanaians suffer and die without proper health care
The already Built hospitals and health infrastructures for future generations are available but have been neglected since it was built by the NDC government now in opposition
This health infacstracture was built with the tax payers money but it has been abanden by the current admin
Only what is working in our hospitals is the mogue and even that the pressure is too much on them In a rather subtle move and clandestine attempt to flee from the shackle’s of not being able to find answers to the “No bed” deficit which have become an albatross in the nation’s premier hospitals in recent times.
The most mediocre and highly incompetent government of our led by the most un presidential head of state in Ghana, thus President Akufo Addo has once again look into the eyes of over 32 million plus Ghanaians that the “No bed Syndrome” currently a major Challenge nationwide is due to the unprecedented state in which the average Ghanaian woman and man are procreating.
This became evidenced after the Ghana Health Service through its Communication outfit upon a media engagement bemoaned the painstaking situation on the astronomical number of Children that we are having in this country. The observation they resort have resulted in a heavy tragic jam in our hospitals resulting in bed to patients deficits leading to avoidable deaths. People dying as a results of no bed and overcrowding and you say is high birthrates? Eiiiiiiish! Then I wonder if Ghana was China!
Just recently a 70 years old man died as a result of this perennial situation, and just when we thought it was capsizing, a 32 years old man also died about 3 days ago at the Korle Teaching Hospital in Accra.
The Akufo Addo’s government inability to find a cutting edge solution to this precarious problem is very worrying and heartbreaking because innocent lives are incessantly being lost on daily basis due to lack of beds and over congestion. A situation which is giving health practitioners in these hospitals sleepless nightmares.
If the President and his henchmen at least did Completed the University Ghana of Medical Centre alone without recognition to the numerous health post and standard hospitals delivered by the previous John Drammani Mahama’s administration, this situational problem today would have been a thing of the past and also consigned to the incompetence dust bin at the Jubilee House.
Sadly they have intentionally dispirited and disposed off these chips Compounds and other related hybridized hospitals to rot under the mercy of the weather and have resort to parroting propaganda. Especially by the Chief Executive Officer himself who is leading as chief “Toli” advocate of the government.
The Afari, Bekwai, Ridge, UGMC amongst other hospitals scattered across the length and breath of the country have been left unattended to.
The President and his government takes delight in deception and lying without any meaning records and attestations to prove their mettle after tasting power for 19 months now. Indeed power they say can corrupt weak minds!
It is very saddened that whilst people are dying on a daily basis of congestions at our major standard hospitals in the country, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo and his chief managers of the economy, including the health Minister’s outfits wants us to know that the bed deficits which have become a mantra on the lips of many is as a result of needless Procreation by the good people of Ghana. Wow! Wow! and Wow!!!
This vicious attempt to spit nauseating and belligerents comments at Ghanaians will not be tolerated by well meaning Ghanaians whose taxes are used to pay for the salaries of the President and his team of ministers.
The reason why I Hadji Mustaphar is least unconcerned about the government’s attitudes towards their inability to troubleshoot national problems and deadly situations is that, there are avalanche of precedences to quality the situation at hand now[ No bed Syndrome] And again this government has never show or exhibits any seriousness of curtailing debilitating problems which often bedeviled the country after they assumed reigned of governance in 2017, January 7th.
But happily speaking, Ghanaians have a choice to bring back the NDC to effect corrections to all the mistakes happining today under this enept, corrupt and clueless gorvenment
*Hon Hadji mustapahar*
Member of the NDC national ZONGO coucus working committee

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