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Funny Face’s vulgar insults to police a huge offense – Hajia Police

Ghanaian police officer cum musician, Hajia Sa-ada Muhammed popularly known as Hajia Police has condemned Funny Face’s verbal attacks on the security service.

The comedian on several occasions adopted the use of vulgar words in his quest to rain insults and curses at the entire police service following his first arrest on February 9, 2021. He has been captured in series of videos on social media uttering such unrefined statements.

Hajia Police in response has condemned the act, adding that Funny Face’s conduct is punishable by law. According to her, such utterances by the ‘Children’s President’ amount to ‘insulting behavior’ and as such, he could be penalized for it. “I cannot believe Funny Face could say such things.

Someone who kids look up to… It is a big offense. This is insulting behavior. I used to respect that man so much. But his utterances are morally bad and according to the law, it is regarded as an offense,” he told Zionfelix during an interview.

Funny Face incessant attacks on the police After being granted police inquiry bail for firing a pump-action gun at a pub, Funny Face launched series of verbal attacks on the police particularly the Kasoa Millennium City branch. The comedian who vowed to seek justice at all costs for what he described as been ‘brutalized’ while in custody, was either seen threatening to deal with the police or using unprintable words against them.

In a similar instance, Funny Face drove all the way to the Kasoa Millennium City police station, rolled down his glass, and insulted their innocent mothers in the Akan language.

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